How to Install YouTube Vanced

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YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app that offers additional features and customization options not found in the original app. It is primarily designed for Android devices and provides an enhanced YouTube viewing experience.

One of the main features of YouTube Vanced is ad-blocking. It removes all the ads that typically appear before, during, or after videos, allowing users to watch videos without interruptions. This can significantly enhance the overall user experience by eliminating advertisements.

YouTube Vanced also includes background playback, which means you can play audio from YouTube videos even when the app is not actively on the screen or when your device is locked. This feature is particularly useful when you want to listen to music or podcasts on YouTube while using other apps or when your screen is off.

Furthermore, YouTube Vanced offers various customization options. Users can change the theme, including dark themes for a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments. It also allows you to override the default resolution and set your preferred video quality, and you can even enable or disable annotations, captions, and suggestions.

YouTube Vanced offers a number of additional features, including:

  • Ad-blocking
  • Background playback
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • AMOLED black theme
  • Advanced swipe controls for brightness and volume
  • SponsorBlock
  • Ability to see the like/dislike counter

In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing YouTube Vanced on an Android device using Vanced Manager.

Vanced Manager

Vanced Manager APK
App NameVanced Manager
Size4.26 MB
Requires Android4.0 or higher
Developed ByTeam Vanced

Download YouTube Vanced Apk Latest Version

How to install YouTube Vanced on Non-root variant

Vanced Manager
Vanced Manager

The Vanced Manager app is an application developed by Team Vanced that makes it easier for users to install YouTube Vanced and its companion app MicroG. It simplifies the installation process by automating the installation of both apps, which otherwise requires some technical know-how. In addition, the Vanced Manager app also offers support for Vanced Music, a modded version of YouTube Music. The app allows users to select their preferred theme and manage future updates easily. Overall, the Vanced Manager app is a useful tool for those who want to use YouTube Vanced without the hassle of manual installation.

To download and install YouTube Vanced on your device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Latest Vanced Manager

    The first step is to download the latest Vanced Manager so click on the Download button from above.

  2. Install and Open Vanced Manager

    After downloading the latest version of Vanced Manager, install it on your Android device. Once installed, open the app to begin the configuration process.Open Vanced Manager

  3. Select “Nonroot” Configuration

    During the initial configuration wizard, make sure to select “nonroot” if your Android device is not rooted. This option will enable you to use Vanced Manager without root access.Select Nonroot Configuration

  4. Install Vanced MicroG

    After selecting the nonroot configuration, tap “Install” next to MicroG. MicroG is a framework that enables Vanced Manager to work without root access. Follow the instructions to allow installing from unknown apps, and MicroG will download. Once the download is complete, tap “Install“.
    allow installing from unknown apps

  5. Install YouTube Vanced

    Next, tap on the down arrow on the right next to YouTube Vanced and tap on the “Download” icon. Select your preferred theme, version, and language, and then tap “INSTALL“. Vanced will begin downloading, and once it’s ready, tap “Install“.
    Install YouTube Vanced

  6. Enjoy YouTube Vanced!

    Congratulations! You have successfully installed YouTube Vanced on your Android device. Open the app, sign in to your YouTube account, and enjoy an ad-free and enhanced YouTube experience.
    Enjoy YouTube Vanced

microG app install is required, If you want to sign in to your Google account.

For Root

Step 1: Download and Install Vanced Manager

To get started, you will need to download and install the latest version of Vanced Manager from our website.

Step 2: Grant Root Permissions

Once you have installed Vanced Manager, open the app and tap on the “Magisk” icon to grant root permissions. This is a necessary step if you want to install YouTube Vanced or YouTube Music Vanced on your rooted Android device.

Step 3: Install YouTube Vanced or YouTube Music Vanced

Now that you have granted root permissions, you are ready to install YouTube Vanced or YouTube Music Vanced. Simply select the app you want to install from within Vanced Manager and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.


Is YouTube Vanced safe to use?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is safe to use. However, it is crucial to download the APK file from a trusted source to avoid any potential security risks.

Can YouTube Vanced be installed on iOS devices?

No, YouTube Vanced is specifically designed for Android devices and is not available for iOS.

Can I still sign in to my YouTube account on YouTube Vanced?

Yes, you can sign in to your YouTube account on YouTube Vanced. It allows you to access your subscriptions, playlists, and personalized recommendations.


YouTube Vanced offers an enhanced YouTube experience for Android users, allowing you to enjoy ad-free videos, background playback, PiP mode, and customization options. By installing YouTube Vanced, you can personalize your viewing experience, increase productivity, and enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted video-watching experience. So why wait? Give YouTube Vanced a try and take your YouTube experience to the next level.

Disclaimer: YouTube is owned by Google LLC. Vanced is not affiliated in any way with Google/YouTube.